It is critical for your child’s physical and mental development that they enjoy and nutritional and well-balanced diet.

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Our meal plans each day includes a:

  • Breakfast of cereal, toast and milk
  • A Mid-morning snack such as fruit, yoghurt, breadsticks and cheese, and including water/milk
  • Two course hot cooked lunch
  • Mid-afternoon snack such as fruit, yoghurt, breadsticks and cheese and including water/milk
  • A cold tea including fresh fruit and vegetables
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Drinking water is also provided throughout the day.  Our varied daily lunch and tea menu offers a wide variety of cuisines intruding the children to food and tastes from all over the world.  We can also accommodate all dietary requirements and allergies.

We believe that mealtimes are a great opportunity to extend the children’s independence. As such, we encourage them to set the table, serve themselves, and use their manners and even tidy up afterwards!