Nursery & Preschool

Life in Bunny Run Nursery and Preschool is safe, fun, energetic, learning focused and yes sometimes very messy.  Each day involves three full meals and two snack times, sleep time, free play time, planned learning activities and plenty of outdoor play.

3m-2 years



3m-2 years

Children aged between 3 months and 2 years old will join our Bunnies room. In this room we focus on a sensory approach as the senses are vital in the early years of development.  Equipment and displays are placed at child height so they can see, touch, feel and investigate their environment up…

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2yrs & Preschool



2yrs & Preschool

As a Rabbit, your child will continue their social emotional and physical development, and as a 2-year-old, confident on their feet this rooms becomes a hive of activity. The room is set up to help encourage independence and freedom of choice and half all the areas of the squirrel and much more. …

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Forest School

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Each day we follow at set routine so our child will know what to expect and can get the best out of their time with us.  Every age range has their own times but each day will include set meal and snack times, free play time, garden time and sleep time (as required), In addition there will be plenty educational activities throughout each session.  These are planned by your child’s Key-Person and are specifically designed to support their learning goals.  On a regular basis, we go for adventures outside the nursery.  The quite country lanes (and they really are lanes not roads) are ideal for exploring the world just outside our walls.

It is important for their development and later in life that your child develops a love of learning as making sense of the world around them is a big job! To help ensure that the learning we provide is specifically appropriate for the age of the children we operate across four childcare rooms, the rooms are set up and resourced to support the enjoyment and learning of the children as they progress through their time in the room.  For more details on the individual rooms please see the above information.

As an extension to the classroom our children benefit from outdoor play.  Our location and two garden areas offers extensive outdoor play and discover opportunities and encourages them to be active, confident learners where new challenges help them develop their personalities, talents and abilities.

The main play area is based on a free –flow system where children can access the outdoor area throughout the day, we know children have individual learning styles and interests which through the provision of an enabling environment relevant to all children’s individual needs supports continued learning.     

Our discovery garden provides the children with hands on experiences of nature where they can go digging for bugs, plant flowers/vegetables or simply create in the mud kitchen with natural materials such as sand, mud, and water.

Open fields, woodland and natural tracks give children opportunities to explore and extend their imagination while learning the boundaries of outside safety.